Our Screening Services

Our Screening Services

Three-part Health Risk Assessment (HRA):

Employees are requested to provide individual consent for undergoing a health risk assessment,
for sharing relevant clinical information with their healthcare providers and to store their data in
a secure cloud-based electronic health record. A comprehensive three-part HRA, consisting of a lifestyle
questionnaire, wellness screening and physical screening, has been developed to enable ongoing monitoring
of risks at an individual and group level.

  • Lifestyle questionnaire:
    This assessment considers a member’s family history and is used to determine the employee’s
    risk of developing cardiovascular disease, other lifestyle diseases; mental health conditions
    and their willingness to change. Employees who are identified as being highly at risk of
    developing mental illness are referred to the relevant Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
    for further intervention.
  • Wellness screening:
    A qualified nurse measures a member’s weight and height in order to calculate their
    Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as their blood pressure, random cholesterol, random blood
    sugar and waist-to-hip ratio. These results are captured electronically and used to
    generate a personalised report.
  • Physical screening (Optional): 
    A qualified biokineticist who is a member of the Biokineticist Association of South Africa (BASA)
    measures the employee’s cardiovascular fitness, body composition, lung function and flexibility.
    Employees receive personalised advice on how to increase their physical activity and are notified
    of their “heart age”, which when compared with their biological age, provides them with an easily
    understood measure of their health status.

HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT):

HCT services performed by appropriately qualified nurses are made available to employees at wellness days.
The nurse obtains informed consent for testing and provides pre-test counselling before administering
the WHO approved blood rapid HIV test.

All members will be informed of their result and receive an HIV test certificate upon completion of the HCT process.
Members who test negative are encouraged to stay negative and those who test positive will receive a different
confirmatory blood rapid test as well as appropriate support and counselling.

The nurse will also provide post-test counselling and pre-register high-risk members onto the relevant
HIV programme for further intervention when indicated.

  • Pre-test counselling
    Individuals are provided with pre-test counselling in a private testing room.
    The focus of the counselling is to answer any questions that the individual may
    have prior to the test.
  • Post-test counselling
    Individuals who tested positive will be given a confirmatory blood test and the appropriate
    support and counselling will be provided. All nurse counsellors receive information on
    the relevant treatment options available to participants and will encourage them to join
    the necessary programme.

TB screening

Wellness Odyssey is able to provide this additional screening service, which will be administered by a
trained nurse at on-site wellness events in the form of a screening questionnaire. High-risk members will
receive healthcare advice and will be referred to their GP or a state facility for further intervention where indicated.

Sputum testing

Optional services

Services such as seasonal flu vaccinations, mobile mammography and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) are available on request. In addition, dietician services and talks and advice on topical health-related issues are also available.