Reporting on Wellness day Services

Reporting on Wellness Day Services

The data collected during the personal health risk assessment process enables a solid clinical foundation for the generation of individual as
well as the required group and consolidated scheme reports.

Individual Report
A real-time report reflecting the client’s branding will incorporate the individual biometric results as well as the their estimated 5-year
cardiovascular risk and 10-year Type II Diabetes risks if any.

A real-time SMS with the individual biometric results. Participants love this as they get to show their family and it makes it more tangible.
Easy to show to GP or other healthcare professionals when referred.

Group Report
Within 24 hours after a wellness day has been completed, a group report reflecting the client’s branding, will be presented.
This report will consist of the consolidated results of all assessments performed during the particular wellness day.
The report will reflect the risk profile of the population containing the detailed breakdown of the various risk categories.

  • A 5-year risk calculation for developing cardiovascular disease based on the Gaziano risk stratification.
  • A 10-year Type II Diabetes risk calculation based on the European Society of Cardiology risk stratification.
  • Industry standard norms for cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure, BMI, waist-hip ratio, height and weight.

Integrated / Corporate or Scheme Report
A monthly report with aggregated data is made available to the client, consisting of all assessments performed during the month.
The report classifies the risk profile of the individual members through industry standard risk stratification methodology based on
national and international clinical guidelines. The report reflects the risk profile of the population containing the detailed
breakdown of the various risk categories.

Quarterly Consolidated Reports
are available to allow comparison of the client member base to a national benchmark (consisting of all assessments performed).

Referral of High-risk Members:
Based on the customisable risk based referral platform the number of high risk individuals identified will be referred to the client’s
appointed Managed Care service provider for enrolment into relevant disease management programs.

Our systems are integrated with Medscheme,
which further enhances the process when a scheme is managed by Medscheme.

We follow the scheme’s pre-defined and agreed protocol when it comes to post screening follow-up.
The following information will be made available per identified High-risk Member:

  • Demographic Data: Member Number, Name, Surname, Date of Birth
  • Non Modifiable Risk Factors: Age, Gender, Family history for Diabetes
  • Modifiable Risk Factors: Smoking, Physical Activity, Fruit & Vegetable intake
  • Clinical Measures: BMI, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Waist & Hip Circumference, Glucose
  • Indicator for 10-year Type II Diabetes risk and 5-year cardiovascular disease risk.

Continued Improvement:
An online/real-time Wellness Day dashboard report is compiled by co-ordinators highlighting any concerns or problems experienced at a Wellness Day.
This will also be made available to the nominee of the client on a centralised database.

Wellness Odyssey has regular follow up meetings with clients.