The choices we make today, determine our wellbeing tomorrow.

A rapid increase in chronic conditions, fuelled by lifestyle choices, has resulted in an increased focus on preventative strategies to counteract negative effects. In addition to the dramatic impact that modern lifestyles have on disease profiles, productivity is also negatively affected.

Introducing Wellness Day Services from Wellness Odyssey
Wellness Odyssey has developed a modular wellness product for the South African market. Our approach towards preventative care is to proactively manage the health of employees and members by increasing access to comprehensive health risk assessments (HRAs) that include mental health and physical screening components, providing personalised health education as well as on-site wellness interventions where possible.

Wellness Odyssey’s modular wellness product is customisable, scalable and sustainable.

Complete Wellness Days

Wellness Odyssey provides various services at onsite Wellness Days.
The basic offering includes promotional material to drive participation,
the administration of baseline Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT).

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Our Screening Services

Three-part Health Risk Assessment (HRA):
Employees are requested to provide individual consent for undergoing a health risk assessment

HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT):
HCT services performed by appropriately qualified nurses

TB screening
Wellness Odyssey is able to provide this additional screening service, which will be administered by a trained nurse

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Individual Report
Group Report
Integrated / Corporate or Scheme Report
Consolidated Quarterly Reports
Referral of High Risk Members
Continued Improvement

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